MNS 低压抽出式开关柜,适用于交流 50Hz,额定工作电压至 690V 的控配电系统;用于发电、输电、配电、电能转化和电能消耗设备的控制。

  本开关柜符合 IEC60439-1、VDE0660 第 500 部分、GB7251.12-2013 国家标准,并通过了 3C 强制性产品认证。


 MNS Iow voltage withdrawable switchgear is applied for power control and transmission system of AC 50Hz,rated working voltage up to 690V.It possesses the functions of controI of the equipment of power generating,transmission,distribution,transforming and consumption.This type of switchgear meets with the requirements 0f IEC60439- 1,Part 500 of VDE0660 and State standard of GB7251.12- 2013. The product has passed the"3C"compulsory certification .


环境温度:上限+40℃,下限-5℃,24h 内平均温度不高于+350℃。

海拔高度:不超过 2000m。

相 对 湿 度 :空 气 清 洁 ,相 对 湿 度 在 最 高 温 度 为 + 40℃时不超过 50%;在较低温度时允许有较高的相对湿度,例如+20℃时为 90%。但应考虑到由于温度变化,有可能偶然产生凝露。

运输储存:-25℃至+55℃之间,在短时间内(不超过 24h)可达+70℃,在这些极限温度下装置不应遭到任何不可恢复的损伤,而且在正常的条件下应能



  Operational Conditions  

Ambient Temperature:Max:+45℃,Min:-5℃,+35℃ average over 24 hours .

AItitude:≤2000m .

Relative Humidity:Not exceed 50% in clear air with the max. temperature of + 40℃ ; Higher elative humidity is permitted in lower temperature.For example, the relative humidity is 90%for the temperature of+20℃。But the variety of temperature should be taken into con- sideration because it's possible to condensate .

Transportation and Storage: The temperature is be- tween - 25℃ to + 55℃ . In short time(not exceed 24h)the temperature can be + 70℃,In the limited tempera- ture,the equipment should not suffer nonrecoverable damage and in the normal condition,the equipment

should work normally .

Not:If the condition exceeds the above,please consult

with our company .


◎ 产品经过专业形象设计。

◎ 结构紧凑,以较小的空间容纳较多的功能单元。

◎ 柜体能背靠背排列。

◎ 全部选用标准模块,方便工程设计人员设计。

◎ 柜体可按照工作和环境的不同要求设计出相应的防护等级。

◎ 在一个柜体中可自由组合成不同型式,如固定式和抽屉式。

◎ 具有防电弧设计。

◎ 设备更新改进方便。

◎ 柜体最大程度地做到免维护。

◎ 有电缆侧出线或后出线两种方案。

◎ 独特的机械锁定机构,操作灵活方便,无需特殊复杂工具。

◎ 设备运行连续性和可靠性高。

◎ 大量采用高强度阻燃型工程塑料组件,操作人员人身安全有保障。


◎ After the professional image of product design .

◎ The structure iS compact which can hold more functional units with smaller space .

◎ The cubicles can be arranged rear to rear.

◎ Standardized modulars are used which is convenient for designing .

◎ The cubicle can be of different protection degrees according to different working and environmental requirements .

◎ In one cubicle,it can be composed to different types,such as fixed and withdrawable types .

◎ It is designed for arc-protection .

◎ The switchgear is convenient for renewal and improvement .

◎ The cubicle is almost maintenance-free .

◎ It has side outgoing and rear outgoing schemes .

◎ It has unique mechanical locking mechanism,whichis convenient for operation without special tools .

◎ The equipment is of high running continuousnessand reliability .

◎ A lot of high intensity fire-resistant plastic assembliesare used,which can ensure the safety of operators .