KYN28-12 金属铠装移开式开关柜,适用于三相交流50Hz/3.6~12kV 单母线及单母线分段电力系统。用于接受和分配电能并对电路实行控制、保护及监测。本开关柜符合 IEC-62271、GB3906、DL404 等国内外标准。

KYN28- 12metal- clad withdrawable switchgear is suitable for 3- phase AC 50Hz/3.6~12kV single busbar and single busbar section system. Apply to distribute electricity power and implement system control,protection,supervision monitoring. The switchgear comply with the standards IEC62271,

GB3906 DL404.


◎ 环境温度:上限+40℃;下限-10℃;

◎ 海拔高度:不超过 1000m;

◎ 相对湿度:日平均值≤95%,月平均值≤90%;

◎ 地震烈度:不超过 8 度。

◎ 没有火灾,爆炸危险,严重污秽,化学腐蚀及剧烈振动的场所。


  Operating Conditions  

◎ Ambient temperature:max. to +40℃min. to-10℃ .

◎ Altitude:1000m(max) .

◎ Relative humidity:daily average less than 95% , monthly less than 90% .

◎ Shock of earthquake:less than 8 magnitude .

◎ This product should not be used under conditions of fire, explosion, earthquake and chemical corrosion environments .

Note:Special condition and requi rement, consult with the manufacturer .


◎ 完全金属铠装及封闭,且能有效地防止事故扩散。

◎ 关门后防护等级达 IP4X,可有效防止人体和外界固体接近带电体和触及运动部分,保证人身安全和设备可靠运行。

◎ 简单而有效的闭锁,防止误操作。

◎ 电缆室有充裕的空间,可连接多根电缆,安装,维修方便。

◎ 手车互换性好,更换断路器非常简便。


◎ Metal- cald and partition completely,efectively pre- vent faults spreading .

◎ The low voltage section is completely separated from the high voltage sections .

◎ Enclosure p rotection deg ree is IP4X, protect against electric shock and ing ress of solid foreign bodies .

◎ Simple but effective interlocking prevents malopera- tion .

◎ Space is provided for multiple cable connections .Installation and maintenance is convenient .

◎ Withd rawble part of the same design are mutually in- terchangeable,an exchange of VCB is very simple .